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Nielsen Shows Real-Time Ambitions in SocialGuide Acquisition

Yesterday, Nielsen and NMIncite, the joint venture between Nielsen and McKinsey & Co., said they acquired social TV analytics provider SocialGuide. In making the announcement, Nielsen touted SocialGuide’s real-time capabilities twice:

  • “SocialGuide is a comprehensive, real-time social TV capture service covering programming across 232 U.S. TV channels.”
  • “SocialGuide’s intelligent analytics and engagement platform provides insight on the social impact of TV, enabling networks to engage with the social fan base in realtime.”

With those two statements it is clear that Nielsen is hoping to improve its analytics offerings to not only gather the data in real-time, but deliver it in a form that networks can act on in real time.

On a broader note, Nielsen also plans to use SocialGuide to improve its efforts to track the impact of social TV on TV ratings, a subject I covered in my eMarketer report on social TV a few months ago. (Preview here.)

Update: Michael Wolf, who is launching his new research firm NextMarket Insights in December, touts real-time social TV analytics in a column for Forbes. Key sentence: “By mining social data to know what consumers think about ads in near real-time, brands and their agencies finally have a canary in the coal mine to know if they should pull an ad at the beginning of a campaign rather than waiting until the damage is done.”