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Should Brands Move Toward Real-Time Planning?

“Brands need to catch up to consumer time and adjust to real-time planning,” writes Sebastion Rennie, of MEC in Sydney, in an opinion piece for Marketing Magazine in Australia. I couldn’t agree more.

Among the points he makes (with my own comments in caps):

  • “It’s not impressive to respond quickly to someone’s comments in seconds, minutes or hours – it’s expected.” [YES. NEXT GEN CUSTOMER SERVICE ISN’T ABOUT FAST; IT’S ABOUT THE RIGHT RESPONSE, FAST]
  • “Collecting and analysing data on how consumers respond to a brand’s activity allows us to be more responsive and relevant in our approach to planning and developing communications – in real time, not old-fashioned brand time.” [YES.]
  • “From periodic data to daily/live data, we will be see the frequency of decision making increase and if the right platform and expertise is not in place the ability to react in consumer time is diminished.” [REAL-TIME WILL BECOME A NECESSARY FEATURE FOR ALL ANALYTICS PLATFORMS, IF IT ISN’T ALREADY.]