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comScore’s Top 10 Digital ‘Burning Issues’

comScore chairman Gian Fulgoni has published a list of the top 10 issues in digital marketing, and several are not surprising: including Big Data, Social Media and The Shift of Ad Spending to Digital. Two of these have been issues for years and big data, while newer, has certainly rocketed up in importance. In fact, it ranks at the top of Fulgoni’s list.

Further down, at number 9, is Real-Time Marketing Insights. comScore asserts that “Gone are the days when an advertiser could wait until a campaign had run its course to understand if the media plan was delivered as intended or to measure the effectiveness and ROI of the campaign. Today’s digital realities demand – and allow – real-time insights so that course corrections can be implemented quickly as needed, thereby significantly reducing waste and increasing campaign effectiveness.” What Fulgoni is mostly talking about is programmatic buying (real-time bidding), which more and more marketers are using to streamline their advertising and optimize for the best results. Of course, marketing insights play a role in that, but they also play a much larger role in marketing, beyond targeting ads and assessing their performance.


comScore Unveils Real-Time Optimization Tool

comScore this week announced the availability of Brand Survey Lift Pulse (BSL Pulse), a new tool that will give advertisers data about their campaigns in real time and help them optimize on the fly. According to the press release:

BSL Pulse enables agencies, publishers and brands to optimize campaigns in-flight, thereby helping to improve targeting, maximize yield and reduce wasted ad spend.

The product uses survey data to gauge consumer intent to purchase and likelihood to recommend as well as what is creating that impact (the creative, the publisher or the placement, for instance).