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How Did CBS’s ‘Hawaii 5-0’ Twitter Experiment Fare?

I meant to write a post about this a couple days ago but a report deadline got in the way.

On Monday, CBS heavily touted what it said was the first-ever use of Twitter to allow viewers to select the ending of a show in real time. 

Variety reports that people in the West Coast and East time zones picked two different endings: West Coasters chose #theStudent and East Coasters chose #theBoss.

“We were very excited about the results,” said Marc DeBevoise, exec veep and g.m. of entertainment, news and sports at CBS Interactive. “Social activity was up 186% according to our social guide numbers, and our site traffic to the show was up 200% from the average.”

DeBevoise told Variety that he estimated over 100,000 votes were cast.

CBS will try a different take on real-time voting next week, Variety reports. It will ask fans of “Let’s Make a Deal,” the daytime game show, to use Twitter to vote for certain aspects of the show while it is being taped on Jan. 25. The episode won’t air until Jan. 30, however.


‘Hawaii 5-0’ Lets Twitter Users Pick the Ending

Tonight’s episode of “Hawaii 5-0” will have a real-time twist: viewers will be encouraged to use Twitter to choose how the episode will end.

According to Deadline.com, the producers have filmed three endings of the episode, about a university professor who was murdered. Viewers in the East Coast/Central and West Coast time zones will be able to go to CBS.com or Twitter to cast their votes for who they think was the culprit: #theBoss, #the TA or #theStudent. CBS will tally the votes “immediately” and then show the ending that the viewers chose.

I’m not a fan of the show but I’m curious to see how it all works. I’ll watch and report back tomorrow. One question I have is how quickly CBS will try to tally votes.