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Virgin America To Use Social Data for Real-Time CRM

Virgin America is working with Salesforce Chatter to help its customer service agents respond to travelers in real time, PhoCusWright says. We all know that having flight problems is one of the biggest travel headaches around, and Virgin and others have already been monitoring social media for passenger complaints so they can address them right away. However, the Chatter implementation, when it launches, will give additional context to help Virgin deal with the passenger. Among other things, it will bring up recent social media interactions, their previous flights and where they are sitting (if they are on a plane). Virgin will be able to deliver information directly to the passenger using the seatback monitors.

Key snip:

Says CEO David Cush, “Before it was ‘this happened to me what are you going to do about it?’. Now it’s ‘this is happening to me, what are you going to do about it?’ These are real-time problems that need real-time answers.