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Personalizing Advertising on the Fly: Google’s Art, Copy & Code Experiment

Google has launched a project that aims to customize marketing-oriented experiences in real time.

MediaPost covers the project, dubbed Art, Copy & Code, in a piece that describes how Volkwagen is using the technology to power its Smileage mobile app. The app syncs with a VW owner’s car and seamlessly tracks where it is driven, enabling the user to tag passengers, upload comments and share photos of the trip.

Google demonstrates another aspect of the project in a short video on the Art, Copy & Code website that automatically integrates information about the user’s location, the time of day and the events happening on the web at the moment the person is watching the video. The video updates and changes each time the viewer watches it.

Another project, the Talking Shoe, embeds internet connectivity into the shoe, delivering information in real time via an accelerometer, gyroscope and other technology. The information can be transmitted to the person wearing the shoe, uploaded to social media sites or even added to real-time ad units, Google says.

These things take the idea of real-time in exciting new directions. Objects embedded with internet connections and sensors that tap into what is going on around them can deliver all sorts of intriguing new types of information that will be helpful not only to the individual using or experiencing the object, but to marketers that want to customize the information to deliver personalized marketing.



Real-Time Marketing and the Future of Advertising: What Industry Execs Say

Plenty of pundits have been blogging and tweeting up a storm about real-time marketing over the past few weeks. Here are just a few of the links I’ve captured; there are many more if you just Google “real time marketing”:

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However, I just came across a fascinating collection of essays on the future of advertising, collected by the University of Pennyslvania’s Wharton School. The Future of Advertising Program’s Advertising 2020 Project solicited the opinions of 175 industry thought leaders. The essays are all posted online and searchable, and so, being someone who’s thinking a lot about the future of advertising these days, I searched “real time.”

The search turned up 47 results, from industry luminaries such as Rishad Tobaccowala of VivaKi; Maria Luisa Francoli Plaza, Global CEO, Havas Media; and Calle Sjoenell, Chief Creative Office of O&M.

Sjoenell writes: “At least half of the production budget needs to be spent while the campaign is running; instead of blowing it all in one go.” And Plaza writes, “We must shift to real-time marketing. … Having access to real-time data and knowledge helps us look at the full picture at a granular level on a daily basis to understand which activities are working to achieve the desired results for our clients and to pinpoint the opportunities for improvement. This will allow us to optimize communications across channels, messaging and content as needed to increase marketing effectiveness.”

These executives see a clear, undeniable role for real-time data and real-time response when it comes to marketing and advertising. I encourage you to check out what they have to say.