What Others Are Saying Right Now About Real-Time Marketing

The Oscars have spurred a lot of intense commentary about real-time marketing, pro and con. Here are some of the links I’ve gathered; will add more as they become available.

Five Fast Truths About Real-Time Marketing (opinion piece by Ian Schafer, of Deep Focus)

When Did Twitter Grow Up? (Ad Age)

Most Oscars Real-Time Marketing Falls Flat (Digiday)

Oreo Tries Super Bowl Tweet Strategy at the Oscars (Adweek)

How the Marketing Community Lost Last Night #OscarsRTM (by David Armano, who created the hashtag)

I’m not sure who is behind the “Real-Time Marketing Sucks” Tumblr that was set up last night, but you can see some examples of Oscars real-time marketing here.

Update (2/26/13)

Time for Real Introspection on Real-Time Marketing (by Scott Monty of Ford)

The Script of Improv: What Is (and Isn’t) Real-Time Marketing (by Rohit Bhargava)

Not Every Major Cultural Moment Deserves an Immediate Response (by Sarah Hofstetter of 360i, the agency behind Oreo’s Super Bowl tweet)



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