How Revlon Is Adapting to Real-Time

At last week’s ad:tech NY conference, Revlon shared how it is  transforming marketing by using real-time data. This is a great example of a marketer not only gathering insights in real time but also figuring out how to act on them. Chief Marketer excerpts the conversation between Revlon VP-marketing Julie Marchant-Houle and Dan Neely, CEO of Networked Insights:

  • “We are pushing out eight to 15 new products a year. We have to find ways to shorten that process because we’re not keeping up with consumers. Some of the real -time work we’ve been doing has been eliminating these time consuming ways of marketing to get learnings early and quickly adapt.”
  • “The players don’t have to dramatically change; the way we work together has to change. When leveraging real-time data we need to take a more integrated approach.”

Update (11/13/12): Neely adds to the discussion with a column for iMedia Connection on real-time.


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