Why Right Place_Real Time

I created this blog to track the developments and trends in real-time marketing. Real-time marketing isn’t a new phenomenon – it’s been discussed for several years. But the intersection of social media analytics, mobile devices, location-aware services and big data makes real-time marketing, well, more real than it has ever been.

This is an expansion of what I’ve been doing for the past several years as an analyst at eMarketer. In the time that I’ve covered the social media space, the explosion of social media data has always intrigued me. But companies have mostly used it to analyze what happened in the past. They didn’t try to use the information in real time and create something new.

Now, with the rise of big data and ubiquitous computing, information can not only be gathered in real time but it can also be acted upon in real time. That, I believe, will create amazing new opportunities for marketers. It will also create new privacy concerns for consumers. I’ll use this blog to cover the developments on both sides.


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